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This process is long and complicated, but that is certainly a possibility.

Another way is to arrange that a certain staff leasing company employs you and then leases you to the company you really want to work with.

Thus, you now need to make sure that when arriving to Russia, you have the full name and address of the company that made your visa support letter (an invitation).

The "early interview" is going to be extremely important and may very well determine if the person is even admitted to visit Russia.

However, most of the foreigners are admitted without any problems, if your answers are congruent with the information in the visa and visa support documents.

(Different rules apply to them - to be clarified with the inviting university or edudational institution) (c) Dimplomats, representatives of international organisations (different rules apply).

If the work permit is not obtained, a foreign citizen who doesn't have a work permit may be fined and deported from Russia.

Do not put "" on the migration card -- we're an information resource, not a travel agency.

The migration card consists of two sections and the top portion is immediately collected by the passport/visa control officials, while the bottom part is collected when the person leaves the country to return home.

The law on the status of foreign citizens in Russian Federation introduces significant changes into the Russian employer - foreign employee relationship: (1) The government will issue an annual quota for foreign workforce.

The number is not defined clearly (530,000 for the year 2003), it will be formed depending on the local employers' requests.

You might think that knowing the Russian immigration law is for geeks, but you can't imagine how much money, stress and time you can save with that little bit of knowledge.

Especially if you decide to settle in Russia or get a legal work permit.

There are certain categories of foreign citizens, who don't need a work permit: (a) Temporary and permanent residents.

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