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Worrying too much about the asker’s take on things or giving too much credence to the opinions and projections of family and friends just messes with your gut.

If they’re OK with doing what you’re not, that doesn’t invalidate your choice.

The editorial in at the time read:'Gene Robinson exemplifies the worst of the gay culture of over-wealthy, bored, liberal America.

He was clearly quite capable of a marital sexual relationship, until he fell for a gay lover.

You’re trying to tell me that they have absolutely no daylight or early evening time in the next week or two? Whatever happened to Stranger Danger and being a bit street smart?

I’m not suggesting that we see a predator in everyone and imagine that we’re going to be chopped into little pieces and rolled up in a carpet, but if you are dating, you need to be stranger aware and you certainly shouldn’t allow, (1) your ego, (2) your libido, (3) excessive politeness (read: people-pleasing), (4) any dodgy assumptions, and (5) the most insidious and annoying – other people’s opinions and projections – to run the show.

Also, it’s easy to claim that this isn’t an intention and then for them to go, While some people will tell you straight up what they’re truly intending in these situations, most won’t because you’re likely to say no and/or they’re trying to preserve a certain image of themselves.

Odds are that a late night meeting isn’t for cookies, cocoa and a chat.

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Let’s imagine that a perfect stranger you’ve recently become ‘acquainted’ with, asks if they can meet you at 11pm at your place.

Some people are totally OK with the late night thang and so may see your take as a judgement, when it’s not; it’s just your personal choice.

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