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Belgique L'Union des démocrates turcs européens (UETD) organise, mercredi soir à l'hôtel Métropole de Bruxelles, un rassemblement visant à rendre hommage aux "martyrs" tombés lors de la tentative de coup d'Etat du 15 juillet 2016 en Turquie.

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Bluebeard was an Irish Turk, and not a Turkish Turk, which may account for his not over eleemosynary propensities. Comic—"Right before the Missus" and "Captain, Call the Mate"—Mr. To conclude with the Cottiers' Laughable Farce, THE AMERICANS IN PARIS.

But Bluebeard's style wouldn't suit Gotham, because our folks are proverbial for the kindly manner with which they treat the gentler sex on all occasions, and woman-beaters have no more show than the elder Law had when he ran for President. The association of "Turk" with Irish people goes back well into the nineteenth century—with "big Irish Turk" unmistakably intended as an insult in an incident reported in 1888.

MARCHING SONGS.—“The Killarney Musketeers,” “The Petticoat Brigade,” SONGS AND DANCES—“Rose perfumed Bouquet,” “The Two Irish Turks,” “Where the Sweetest Flowers Grow,” “Where Pretty Lilacs Grow,” “Pretty Little Lou,” “Sunny Days,” “Little Roguish Eyes,” “Pretty Little Dandelion,” “Pretty Irish Queen,” “Sweeter Than a Red Ripe Peach.” EMERALD ISLE GEMS—“Bright Little Spot on the Ocean,” “Erin’s Green Isle,” “Sons of Erin’s Isle,” “A Dear Spot of Land,” “Picking up Gold in the Street.” ... The very early occurrences (from 18) of "Irish Turk" in connection with a person who has multiple wives is intriguing, but not unmistakably a set phrase.

Instances of "Irish Turks" as stock characters in popular entertainments occur in both the United States and Australia by 1888.

En Belgique, aucun propos de ce type n'a été tenu et l'interdiction de l'événement, en raison d'un éventuel risque de violences entre soutiens et opposants à Erdogan, n'est pas à l'ordre du jour.

Le centre de crise et l'OCAM analysent le niveau de menace potentiel et transmettent leurs observations aux autorités locales, qui peuvent éventuellement in fine décider d'interdire un événement si celui-ci présente un danger pour l'ordre public.I am an irish-american from Dorchester, MA - some parts are very heavily Irish and to this day have many fresh Irish immigrants.In my neighborhood, Turkey was/is definitely used to describe Irish guys ) - typically Irish guys who may be from more rural areas like Connemara.By one account, the little boy repeatedly jumped face first from a window into a mound of snow made by his grandfather. This story is interesting, in part, because the surnames of those mentioned suggest that everyone involved may have been of Irish descent.The man said, “That was something only a Turk would do.” In 1991 Wendell himself clarified: “My grandfather nicknamed me after one of his buddies because I was always doing stupid, rebellious things.” “He wrecked everything in no time at all,” said his father. He always has been a daredevil.” A third baseball pitcher, Turk Lown, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1924, "got his nickname as a child because of his fondness for eating turkey," according to a Wikipedia article about him. Walsh accused Mc Cullough of insulting her daughter, Mrs. More-ambiguous instances of "Irish Turk" in newspaper accounts go back to the 1840s. Stillwell, under the name of Patrick Mc Casgrove alias Mc Casker.Green's Dictionary of Slang, gives two 19th century usages of Turk for Irish, the earliest from 1871 with a Galveston, TX provenance.

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