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The incident occurred at the Franco da Rocha prison, in in the state of Sao Paulo.

It is unclear who used the bird to try and smuggle the device in.

Government officials will stop by at random times to make sure that the space is complying with local laws, which are often arbitrary (one example: glass panels are supposed to have a yellow strip to prevent people from crashing into them).

Hatkoff says he’s also had to pay bribes on a couple occasions to ensure that the building’s water stays turned on.

A spokesperson for PETA told the publication: 'Hollywood must learn the lesson that there’s simply no safe or humane way to force a wild animal to perform in a movie.'Kaya, who rose to fame as Effy Stonem in Skins, plays Johnny Depp's sidekick Carina Smyth in the new film.

She has previously spoken about how she was relieved that her love interest in the movie was 26-year-old Brenton Thwaites - who plays Henry Turner.

He noticed that people complained the most about breaking their phones and not knowing what steps to take next–a surprise considering the fact that Brazil has the largest mobile phone market in Latin America.

So Hatkoff started Pitzi, a club where members pay a monthly fee to get their cell phone replaced when it breaks (Pitzi takes care of refurbishment of broken phones and sends repaired ones to customers).

Mail Online has contacted a representative for Kaya for further comment.

'Forgotten where she's come from': The UK born actress, who was reportedly paid £1.5 million for her role in the successful Pirates film franchise, has also had her refusal to pay up branded as 'unforgivable' by her great aunt Fabiana Moraes, as reported by The Sun On Sunday Family history: Kaya's mother Katia (Pictured above) was born and raised in Brazil before moving to London and marrying her dad Roger Humphrey - a union which dissolved a year later and he moved to Vietman Meanwhile, Kaya sparked further controversy last week last week after revealing that a monkey would 'projectile vomit' all the time on the set of the new Pirates of the Caribbean set - and describing it as 'hilarious'.

When they need to enter those areas, they are accompanied by police to ensure safety, which limits the number of times per week Pitzi can reach certain places.

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