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The latest path update shows Hurricane Irma hitting Florida on early Sunday, possibly making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane.

I wonder if they know the world is getting a close up of her 'crows feet' and his back fat.

Found a link which says Live Streaming but I think it's just a replay. ;)Well this is a fat lot of use, please can someone dig this chap in the ribs and get him to move.

Years ago my hubby was on about my old friend and he said that if I got into as bad a state as she was .......

I couldn't/can't stand the thought of being beholden to him.

He became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for more than 400 yards on his debut and went on become the first rookie to break the 4,000-yard passing mark in his first season.

But he's caused a storm after a controversial press conference last Wednesday.

I don't understand why there are 560 people on line and this is all we can see. I was just going to email the sponsor to ask that woman to please move or sit down but their system appears to be down.

Over 500 viewers from all over the world watching this spectacle and this woman who can't seem to get off her phone is spoiling it!

Rodrigue did not find the humor in Newton's assessment, as evidenced by her posts on social media.“I don't think it's "funny" to be a female and talk about routes,” she posted on Twitter.

“I think it's my job.’She added in a statement: "I did my job as an NFL beat writer and asked Cam Newton a question about one of his receivers.

This group of donkeys, which includes adoption donkey, Ruby, live in the main barn and have a yard and paddock to roam freely in.

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