Long term dating 40

That's one side effect you need to look after via a dentist- no point losing your teeth if it's avoidable.

long term dating 40-64

Swollen nodes in my chest are pressing on the phrenic nerve and my right diaphragm is paralyzed.

Consequently I can't breath worth a darn, I can only sleep on my right side (bad lung down).

Then I developed significantly swollen legs and upon research and subsequent discussion with my NS he switched me to Dilantin; now I don't sleep very well and still have the swelling!

My online research also tells me that Dilantin should not be taken with Prednisone which I take at 10mg daily for my Peripheral Neuropathy.

I had a bone density scan done and thankfully that's OK.

These drugs can catch up with you years down the track. D and calcium will prevent any more damage for you, and you didn't mention it but are your gums OK?

Now I am back on Dilantin with Calcium and Vitamin D supplements. I know osteoporosis is a well-documented effect of long term use, and it can coarsen the facial features.

Seizures are ok but I am still worried about the long term effects of Dilantin. My vitamin D levels have crashed in recent times, and while long term AEDs in general can do this it's been suggested that my time on dilantin as a teenager is a contributing factor. D tablet once a month now, that seems to be working.

I don't know if this is because of lack of sleep or side effects of Dilantin.

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