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Administrators planning to implement mandatory influenza vaccination policies for health care professionals must understand the implications involved in these policies.To prepare for this Discussion, review the peer-reviewed, professional journal articles and news article in this week’s Learning Resources, describing a dispute involving a health care facility’s mandatory vaccination or mask for seasonal flu.

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Multiple strategies to enhance vaccination rates have been suggested, but national rates have remained low. BJC Health Care is a large Midwestern health care organization with ∼26,000 employees.

Because organizational vaccination rates remained below target levels, influenza vaccination was made a condition of employment for all employees in 2008.

Employees still not vaccinated or exempt by 15 January 2009 were terminated. Overall, 25,561 (98.4%) of 25,980 active employees were vaccinated.

Ninety employees (0.3%) received religious exemptions, and 321 (1.2%) received medical exemptions.

The masks make sense only when put on patients or workers who are actively coughing or sneezing.

Nurses understand that voluntary vaccinations are just part of a successful program of protections for patients.Select one of these articles for the Discussion, or find one of your own in a peer-reviewed journal or on the Internet.This dispute may involve an individual health care provider or facility.Medical exemption requests were reviewed by occupational health nurses and their medical directors.Employees who were neither vaccinated nor exempted by 15 December 2008 were not scheduled for work.A vaccine is the most effective form of prevention.

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