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Shes been encouraged or forced to look a t her own life. We all look at our own lives, but most of us shy away from it. She sought out the pain, or maybe not sought it, but it has come to her along the way. Subject: "Dancing with My Father" Dear Marcia -- What a special film "Dancing With my Father" is. I have a sense of how much of yourself poured into this project and the emotional toll it took, but what rewards you are reaping! At the end of the film, I was in tears and wishing so much that I could have had the kinds of conversations with my father that you've had with yours.Now Marcia has gone back into her own life, into her family and into her soul and what you are about to see is the story of that journey. You want to pass it on if there is any healing in it, then so be it. Often its just stirrings, and there may be some stirrings of rage in here tonight. I think many people will feel that way once they have seen it.

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Not in way which made you squirm and not because his answers were brilliant.

But, his struggle to meet his daughter halfway and yield to her questions while the world was, in effect, watching, established him as the hero of the film. There are so many dimensions to the story, so much richness in the various strands woven together, wonderful family film and video and, at base, a universal tale.

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Did he say "I love you," I am asking myself as I write this, and I really can't answer the question in the affirmative. But I am also realizing now, as an adult -- an adult still struggling with these issues -- that I really was never secure in his love, which, I now realize, he was really incapable of giving (and still is) except on his own, very narcissistic terms.

And, yes, with parents like this (for my mother was implicated in this family emotional economy, as well), intimacy is a problem for me, too.

Dancing with my Father shows us that there is nothing to fear but silence, and a great deal of reason for hope if only we will listen and learn.

Thank you for sharing your story so that others might see that personal change can, by degrees, become social change.

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