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a) Networking with your many well-connected friends b) Browsing a food market c) Yoga with friends, followed by brunch at a café d) Water aerobics at the gym What’s your dream date?a) Cocktails at Zetter Townhouse b) Long walk followed by a gastropub c) Talk from an author at Daunt’s bookstore d) Vigorous game of tennis What’s your idea of a perfect occupation for your date?

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Matchmaking services can charge up to £15,000 to introduce single customers to potential love interests and, as internet dating removes the stigma from actively searching for love, the companies are inundated with requests to help form long-term relationships.

Caroline Brealey, who founded the service, says that recruiting a matchmaker is much like finding a love interest.

Based on this, Mutual Attraction writes up their profile and presents it to dates who they think would be a good match.

If two people like the look of each other’s profiles, they’re sent on a date.

Her researched uncovered major matchmaking companies that charged different rates depending on dress size, nationality and ethnicity – and one refused to take clients larger than a size 14.

Mutual Attraction doesn’t have such cut-and-dry boundaries, though it’s still fairly elite.

Customers pay £4,000 and are set up on at least nine dates over the three months – but who can they expect to date?

Brealey says that she started the company three and a half years ago after a multi-millionaire friend paid a matchmaking service £15,000 only to be set up with beautiful blonde women who had no interest in his personality.

Brealey, who has a degree in psychology and worked for children’s charities before starting the company, says there’s no specific qualification needed to become a matchmaker.

“We had quite a few people who wrote about their own dating history and said ‘I think I’d be a good matchmaker because I’ve been divorced three times and so I’ve experienced the heartache’,” she says.

“It sounds so cheesy but you have to have that positivity, you need to be a romantic.” The search for love can be relentless, and without idealistic positivity, no matchmaker will be a success.

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