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The mantra for older women should be “less is more”.

It applies as much to one’s clothes – which should be unadorned; you can’t do frills and furbelows when you’re my age – as to tattoos and the sort-of “youthful” look apparently acquired in a wind tunnel.

I hugely admire Felicity Kendal – always have done – so I am definitely going to go ahead with my tattoo. Emma Soames, editor-at-large of Saga magazine Tattoos are “better” than Botox?

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Edward VII sported tattoos, and was rumoured to mark his established mistresses with a snake around a wrist.

Among my own age group, a tattooed ankle is similarly a mark of high caste: it shows its owner enjoyed a gap “yah” in Kathmandu. Not out of disapproval – I simply fear making a lifetime’s most lasting spelling mistake.

“Of course, the most rewarding part is the ‘Aha’ moment, the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new – the feeling of being on top of a hill and having a clear view.

Felicity Kendal – best known as the wholesome Barbara from The Good Life – already has a moon and two feathers (symbolising her elder son and grandchildren) tatooed on her calf; and a dainty star on her foot symbolising her younger son.

I have friends who got drunk in Bali when they were 21 and have the indelible evidence from a tattoo parlour to prove it.

Thankfully, we have digital cameras for holiday memories these days.

Once again Felicity Kendal proves herself to be the nation’s eternal sweetheart.

How can you not love a woman who says she’s a “rock chick” aged 66? The mark of the rebellious young person, tattoos just say “bad decision”. The sight of one ruins a working suit or evening dress.

Felicity Kendal shows a worrying desire to fiddle endlessly with her appearance, sometimes with rather tragic results.

When she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, her mouth looked like a deep-sea creature gasping for food, so at least it’s good to hear she has given up on messing about with Botox.

I have researched where to go to have it done, and have decided what to have – a very small mati, the Greek eye symbol. Probably on my wrist, though I might need another year to decide on the exact location.

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