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The last time was when I played fashion show with my 14 year old sister long ago. I enter Petra’s room and see her on the double size bed with her back on the pillow abutting the head board. Her knees are up and her legs spread wide showing her slit. She then recedes with her nipples skimming back down my chest. Upon reaching her destination between my thighs her lips vacuum in my taught juice covered member. I take my right hand and tunnel it into her daughter’s vertical slit. I pull my fingers out and show mom the combined cunt juice and semen. Mom demonstrates that she is in excellent physical shape as her large labia start sliding up and down my pole. It is her time to feel the closeness of the sexual bonding. Dad has remained at the dining room table drinking coffee. Mom then comes down the stairs wearing nothing but a big smile and a look of contentment. I sit at the table admiring full mammaries on my right and perky young tits on my left. I get the hint and get out of my chair, move to her and then bend over. I note out of the corner of my eyes the parents are very happy. Dvorak frankly discuss what they enjoy in sex partners and this allows me to put down my Midwest American defenses too. Dvorak asks me, “Did you see me talking with the black couple? Also she thought be fun to have no clothes on to show big belly off.” Mr. If she did not accept she was to ask you to return it to us so we would come up and keep you from fucking her. But we knew she wanted to become woman soon.” “So I was your target in the men’s locker room when I was getting ready to leave? Yes, when I see you go I also leave early and follow you. Dvorak gave her daughter a huge smile indicating there would be no problem for her daughter’s pussy.

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I was aware that Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic, was a beautiful medieval city which had been almost untouched physically in World War II.

In addition, I had just read in Newsweek magazine that along with France the Czech Republic’s population starts sexual activity early and is more comfortable with sex than the other countries of the world.

The web site stated one doesn’t need a towel so I did not bring one. I rotate to look at this matronly woman in her sheer blue negligee. Mom says, “I read American magazine - it have ‘Double dip.” I wonder what the hell magazine that was. I withdraw my organ and now Petra grabs it and guides it into her nearly hairless mound. She slides slow off the sheets with her glistening pussy leaving my prick dangling.

When I get to the locker I start to remove my clothes. I have to turn away quickly because her motherly tits and protruding mound are distracting me from the birthday girl. “Suck cock first, Petra, like I show you earlier today.” As I wonder how mom demonstrated this to her daughter, Petra puts the gift box on the small table near the bed. I keep it shaved and the hair around my testicles trimmed - just enough so they don’t knock when I walk. I have to gently push her back because my pleasure organ was ready to explode even before I had entered the room. ” Eventually I fall exhausted on to the sheets between Petra and her mother. So I move off the bed and insert my penis into Petra’s wet but tight slit. I think there are few things as aesthetically pleasing as a young pussy unless it is the lower back/buttocks of a woman in her late 20s. It is just as well because there is no semen remaining.

The Internet site had directions and stated that all are welcome.

I am not a nudist but I thought it would be fun to try the lifestyle if only for an evening.

The mom has a homely face but a nice mature body with a few extra pounds.

A woman on the side of the pool is in a lounge recliner with one knee up showing off her nearly perfect body.

My wonderful wife and I enjoy sex in an open marriage, so there was no cumbersome moral barrier to any fun that I might find.

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