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They want to explore, meet new people and narrow their choices till the finally find the one, which we think is only fair.

Now that being said, keeping in sync with changing trends, there are several dating apps that exist now. It has entered the India market just recently and it is already a massive hit among people.

India's railway safety standard says trains must reduce their speed to 30mph if there is at least four inches of water on the track but Western Railway claim the level at Nallasopara was 3.75 inches.

A an official at the rail company said: 'There was no operational hazard.

He meets Baba Hindustani (Vijay Raaz) in a hotel who promises to cure him of the teasing he gets from being a virgin.

He later meets Nitin Kapoor, a film-maker (Saurabh Shukla) who later films him as he works out in the gym and other physical activities.

The intricate and detailed designs are accompanied by descriptions of the events that occurred while the stations were being constructed.

The album includes a picture of a news article dating back to 1854, which showcases the view from Sion hill station, as it was called then, and a rare picture of Tapti bridge, which is located in Surat.

The youth of this generation prefer exploring several possibilities and options for better and stronger relations.

They do not believe in settling with somebody only for the sake of it.

Some can be heard calling out as they run for cover from the wall of water rushing towards them.'It seems the train passed at the speed of 100km/h (62mph) splashing water on passengers,' Subhash Gupta, described as a passenger activist, told the Hindustan Times.

'It was dangerous and railway authorities should probe the incident and take serious action.'Western Railway, which runs routes in the area, said that the train's speed kept within regulations.

He later meets Sonali Verma (Perizaad Zorabian), a journalist, who helps him through his difficulties and they later fall in love.

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