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We talked a bit before he reached out and grabbed me in a big hug, kissing me on the lips quite softly as he slowly started to rub and then cup my boobs in his hands, squeezing my erect nipples while I held his already erect penis in my hand.

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I have smooth creamy light skin companied by perky chocolate chip nipples on my 36 C sized tits. *Wink* I’m the perfect little nasty bitch you’ve always dreamed of, and now I’m all yours!

The best part about me is I love my ass played with not often but ALL THE TIME. I love gangbangs, oral, and lots of freaky nasty shit we could think of.

After cooling off in the water, Tony and I got out and dried off, and then wrapped our towels around ourselves and started back up toward the house, but instead, we ended up over at the barn, getting up in the hayloft.

I had been masturbating in the privacy of my room for quite some time, and he had been doing likewise for some time too, but that day we were both a little curious and wanted to find out what the other looked like without clothes.

We lived on what had become known as a truck farm working for our parents as field hands or common laborers.

We had two other families living on our place working for my dad.

He started slowly, and then got a little faster, and then his hand was a blur until he squirted all this white looking creamy stuff out of its tip. I was rubbing very lightly on my clitoris and moving my hand slowly down inside my slit toward my opening as I then inserted a finger into my soaking wet pussy.

I began to move it in-n-out, and after inserting a second finger, I began to come hard while he watched intently as I moaned so mournfully.

Good thing you entered here, Cause I will take you on a taste of your life. But first let’s start by my name, Raven is what normal people call me but nasty bitch is what I’m used too.

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