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I put together this web page to give you meaningful information about my FAI recovery.I felt like I could not find any resources or blogs that truly explained what FAI recovery might be like. I am an anxious person, so every setback I had was communicated in my weekly thoughts below.

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[edit three years later] I have two metal surgical screws holding my labrum in place.

They were detected by security in my airport recently.

Also, my MRI doctor in February 2013 told me they were there when an imaging scan had some trouble with pictures in that area.

During the first week or so, I felt burning pain in the center to the right center of my thigh near the right hip.

My surgeon performed osteoplasty on my femur bone making it spherical shaped.

He said there was more bone that needed to be removed than my MRI showed.The western medicine unfortunately very often treats the symptons and we are left to problem solve and find the true causes and address it.I have had issues with pelvic alignment and found this great blog below that connects with lack of core strength: 9/9/17 am from Colorado Thank you for the information/experience you share.Please check it out and let me know what you think!submitted 9/6/17 am from United States I am 38 years old male.Also, I feel pain my my left knee, left tricep, and right calf from compensating for keeping weight on my left. During the third week, most of my pain is in the lumbar section of my back and occasional sharp shooting pain near the incision area of my hip. My incision starts about one inch below my underwear line. My external stitches naturally decayed probably within 2 weeks. When I took off the dressing from the hospital after 2 1/2 weeks, my stitches were gone).

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