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THIS cutting edge chatbot could 2017 is set to become “the year of the bot” – with good reason.The problem is until now they’ve only benefited the deep-pocketed blue chip, tech giants like Apple and Microsoft or businesses able to devote months to coding and training them. The good news is that a bot now DOESN’T have to come with a four figure plus price tag, they WON’T take you months to program and code (you can create a bot in minutes with Chit Chat Chimp) and . You see, outside of these ‘big players’ it seems many business owners still haven’t woken up to this change.You can anticipate commonly asked questions and train your bot before you decide to make it live on your site. When you make your bot live it will already know the answer to this question and can respond accordingly.

If you decide to upgrade beyond this 6 month period the upgrade price may be increased in line with public pricing.

For example: If you purchase a Starter Plan today the purchase price is $67 and the cost to upgrade is $130 (both annually billed).

For example: Now the next time your bot is asked that same question it will automatically respond with the right answer (even better you’ll begin to spot gaps in your sales copy where people are needing more information) You can also add in MULTIPLE replies to a question and the bot will use them randomly to create a more natural conversation.

For instance to the question “Can you tell me a joke?

” you could add in the following answers Just enter the first answer then hit return to enter another and now your bot can respond to the same question with multiple replies (great for entertainment/engagement bots) When you answer an ‘unanswered’ question it moves from the unanswered list to answered list where you can subsequently change or edit the replies if the answers ever need to be modified or updated.

Yes you can, we store all of your bot’s individual chat logs for 30 days and you can view them in your dashboard or download them as individual text files or batch download them all for your records. We are offering several benefits to our launch buyers included the current discounted account plan pricing and guaranteed for the lifetime of your account.

Forecasts predict that as soon as 2020 bots will be producing over Billion Dollars in revenue: Chit Chat Chimp doesn’t rely on messenger apps or integration with expensive 3rd party services to function.

It’s affordable and you can build then add a new bot to any website within minutes.

During the ‘learning phase’ your bot won’t know the answer to many questions so we give you the option to pre-load default replies such as “I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to that question” or “I’ll have to direct you to the help desk to get an answer on that” You can enter as many default responses as you need depending on your bots purpose and how your business works.

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