Negatives of teenage dating

"In this regard, we found evidence that teen relationships can matter a great deal over the long run." Exner-Cortens and her co-authors analyzed a sample of 5,681 American heterosexual youths ages 12-18 from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health who were interviewed as teens and approximately five years later as young adults about their dating experiences and mental and behavioral health.

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While it can lead to postpartum depression for the mothers, babies born to teenage mothers are more often of low birth weight and premature.

Sexually Transmitted diseases: Due to being sexually active, teens have a higher chance of contracting STD’s.

Teenagers in physically or psychologically aggressive dating relationships are more than twice as likely to repeat such damaging relationships as adults and report increased substance use and suicidal feelings years later, compared with teens with healthy dating experiences, reports a new Cornell study.

The findings suggest the need for parents, schools and health care providers to talk to teenagers about dating violence, given its long-reaching effects on adult relationships and mental health, the researchers say. 10 in the journal Pediatrics, the paper is the first longitudinal study of a nationally representative sample to show links between teen dating violence and later multiple adverse health outcomes in young adults.

Relationships especially Teen relations are tricky keeping in mind the rapid surge of emotions in combination with high expectations, all packed within an unrealistic world that teens live in.

It either needs maturity on the part for both the partners or a proper, effective guidance so that the journey is smooth, cherished and eventful.A staggering 1.5 million case of physical abuse were reported last year in the teens age group and the number seems to only grow each year.Sexual Abuse: Again sexual abuse in addition to the physical abuse is a major concern for teenage dating.Cons of Teenage Dating: Out of the numerous teenage experiences, dating is one of them.When a teenager starts dating, parents are often caught in an uncomfortable situation of allowing their child the freedom to date.Being at a such a precarious stage of their lives, its important that these relationships have certain aspects like trust, honesty, communication, time management, respect etc that if managed properly, may lead to a healthy, lasting relationships in teens.

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