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The status of the asset type is listed as Enabled while the index is running.

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After you have enabled Lucene and conducted a search on the live site, assets with indexed attribute data matching the search terms are returned.

To configure attributes for a selected asset type: Binary files are files of type other than text, such as Word and PDF documents.

Lucene is now enabled to start indexing selected data.

The time it takes to index data varies with the number of assets being indexed and the speed of your system.

An asset's user-defined attribute values are stored together in one table cell. When Global search is configured, users are restricted to searching across all user-defined attributes per asset type. You could search for the string "Jane Doe." However, you could not limit your search to just one specific user-defined attribute, because all of the user-defined attribute data are stored together in a single cell that does not differentiate one attribute from another.

Asset Type Search indexes each attribute value in its own individual cell by attribute name.You select the types of assets to index on the search configuration forms.Selected assets are indexed and therefore, searchable.To add new asset types to the search index: You can configure indexing on specific attributes for specific asset types.The selected asset type must be enabled for indexing first before you can select any specific attributes for the asset installed, allowing content contributors, website visitors, and third party applications to search for assets.

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