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In the decade that followed, Defendants created and sustained a multi-billion dollar pain franchise through the same pattern of deceptive marketing. Defendants continued to tell doctors and consumers that patients receiving opioid prescriptions for pain generally would not become addicted, and that doctors could use screening tools to exclude patients who might.b.

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This effort paved the way for increased prescribing of opioids for chronic pain.

Defendants’ promotional efforts dovetailed with this narrative, as Defendants began to promote opioids generally, and their own opioids in particular, as safe, effective, and appropriate for even long-term use for routine pain conditions.

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and China trade relationship, calling it one-sided and unfair, but the president said "I don't blame China" for taking advantage of the U. He also called on China to act faster on North Korea.

Stewart ID#: 028502007Acting Corporation Counsel City of Newark City Hall, Room 316Newark, New Jersey 07012(973) 733-3880 Andrew J.

(collectively “Endo”) manufacture, market, and sell prescription opioid pain medications, including the brand-name drugs Oxy Contin, Butrans, Hysingla ER, Actiq, Fentora, Opana/Opana ER, Percodan, Percocet, Zydone and Duragesic. While opioids can dampen the perception of pain, they also can create an addictive, euphoric high.

At higher doses, opioids can slow the user’s breathing, causing potentially fatal respiratory depression.

Defendants also relied upon continuing medical education (“CME”) seminars, non-credit education programs, treatment guidelines, and other publications and programs by patient advocacy groups, professional associations, and physicians that were flawed and misleading, but seemed independent and therefore credible. Through these efforts, Defendants were able to persuade doctors and consumers that opioids were not addictive, despite the previous medical consensus and scientific evidence to the contrary.

Defendants convinced prescribers and consumers that, even if opioids had some limited potential to be addictive, any risk of addiction could be managed by doctors carefully supervising their use by appropriate patients.

Defendant Purdue Pharma continued to tell doctors and consumers that Oxy Contin provided 12 hours of relief when Purdue knew that, for many patients, it did not.14.

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