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I was willing to accept his family and his children in my life Yes, yes and there was more then 2 kids involved but that didn't matter because I loved him but he kept playing these games like he didn't want to commit. please anyone respond I don't want to waste my time. Maybe because my birth day is March 22nd on the cusp I can not relate to all the accusations that has been made accordingly to an Aries man. walking with the Lord and living your life in a Godly manner.

Yet it was okay 4 me 2 tell my family and friends that were in a relationship. Also, I guess I have a deep passion for being tight with Jesus. I think a praying man does breal the MOLD of any zodiac sign. Maybe because my birth day is March 22nd on the cusp I can not relate to all the accusations that has been made accordingly to an Aries man. More men regardless of their astrological sign could learn alot from you.

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They can be fun friends but nevr have I seen 1tht was an ideal mate.

My sister,an Aries has admitted that it's all about her and she will never stop cheating or lying becus she doesn't care if she gets caught or if any1 gets hurt. They love you to the best of their ability or as strong as their desire to get from you what they want.

Almost every woman friend they have theyve slept with or they flirt in regards to having sex in the future.

I've been through so many things that its not appropriate to list them.

I never disclosed my real feelings to him because he never took me out. I went through an extreme depression from march through currently and I finally ended it last week.

I knew after 3 mths that he didn't really dig me but he would lie and say otherwise. well we met at a party and hit it off right away... If for example you told him you love him, will always be together etc it could explain him losing interest pretty fast. when i met in second time, we just discuss slightly about serious relationship,he is the one start open this conversation, if i am not match with him, he will say me directly and i can say to him straight can't be together, now we already in one month, i feel that he likes and respect to me.we can talk and talk in person and it never gets boring.... Try to make him a little jealous - talk about other male friends for example and he might be straight back! i had actually erased his number from my phone and 2 weeks later he called from a new number. then he called again 2 days later asking if I wanted to come over and hang out.. I care, nice, give compliment, respect , deal in cool but move with my own way. Whores do not need any emotional attachment, love gifts in exchange and everyone is happy.He's too much of a flirt and I don't know what to do?? "Jacks" comment was raw but it was the most honest description I've heard so far.Aries will sweep you off your feet but its short lived and when they stray they don't have the guts to be honest so they hide until the new girl upsets them and they call u see if you're still game.Aries are hateful when it comes 2 how they knw they are hurting you and the mor you let them know, the less they care.

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