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That's right, the lore notes for the latest novel, Lord of Souls, are avaliable.

A lot of new information on Solstheim and the Hist, as well as plenty of juicy details on Cyrodiil and other parts of the empire, so make sure to give them a read.

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Rise and Fall of the Blades - a history of the famous order, with emphasis on their Akaviri origins.

There Be Dragons - a good overview of Dragons and their history.

reopened its embassy in the Middle Eastern country of Yemen yesterday but warns it’s still a major threat due to terrorists being harbored within its borders. Oh, yeah…and six years later, important archaeological sites are still getting pilfered in Iraq.

The city was built on a mound to protect it from a flooding river nearby, which also led to the unique height of its buildings.

This meticulously-designed city with its tall, mudbrick towers and narrow streets is one of the earliest and best preserved examples of vertical architecture and urban planning.

Zabid, a historic town dating to 820 that’s positioned close to Africa, is the site of an ancient Islamic university, supposedly where the term ‘algebra’ was coined.A must-read for anyone curious about what happened between Oblivion and Skyrim.More will be added in the coming days - because we do not yet have access to the construction set (and hence the raw book data), we are forced to re-type the text based on screenshots. I have also updated our timeline with new events from the books, and will continue to do so as more information comes in.There are plenty of other interesting books as well, including a couple accounts of Saarthal, a study on warewolves, and several texts on the Elder Scrolls. Again, thanks to Zarath for making our jobs much easier.I'd also like to thank Vimk, Thrignar Fraxix, Hellmouth, and Inkling Star for providing screenshots last time around.edit: For those too impatient to wait I've attached the a zip with all the books.

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