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Ka Patua te whenua i te kino Ka ngaro te mana me te wairua mo te iwi "Violence against the land is as destructive to the Mana and Wairua of the people of that land as it is to the land itself" This trail will take about 4 hours to drive and view at an easy pace.Vantage points are mostly accessible by wheelchair but there are steps at some sites throughout the trail, namely at Rangitatau and Uruhau Pa.

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This boundary is called the Puysegur trench, and stretches for 800km between New Zealand's South Island and a point in the Southern Ocean 400km west of the Auckland Islands.

A similar 6.4 quake hit the trench in July, with an epicentre 190km southwest of the Snares Islands.

Throughout this trail, a Pou, (a carved post), marks various sites.

These sites have been identified in this booklet with a Pou symbol.

'Then an ornament fell off the wall, and the dog ran outside and I ran outside too.

I think we're just going to sit out here until my husband gets home from work,' she said.Dr Kaiser said that although earthquakes can trigger aftershocks nearby, that is unlikely to be the cause of the Seddon quake.'But obviously that's [aftershocks] not a mechanism that could explain the earthquake in the Cook Strait because it was too far away to be caused by that kind of stress change,' she said.One shocked resident wrote that her city is a 'disaster waiting to happen' as Wellington was rocked by the latest in a long line of quakes.'Rocking side to side in a rocky chair: the Wellington experience,' wrote another.Tim Struthers, a farmer from Seddon, reported feeling shaking during the earthquake, TVNZ reported.'I was outside fencing and it shook the posts in the ground, everyone at home ran for the doors,' he said.Another Seddon resident, Wendy Caughley, reported getting a shock when she felt the earthquake.

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