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The player can be customized as well by each member and implements common social networking features such sharing on popular sites like Facebook and Myspace.

Implemented external interface to interact with JS calls sent via PHP to add to playlist and to bump list.

It contains a photo editor designed in Flash which handles the uploading, cropping and rotation of photos.

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The application has a admin section to do complete CMS for quiz and various settings.

The public section is the Quiz application that kids play and get their score.

After completion of a particular section the score is sent to the PHP in the form of a XML document to be saved in the data base.

The user has to pass each lesson in sequence before moving to the next lesson.

The application handles 1 to 3 players to play together.

Flash, PHP An application to get real time signature.

By reading from the XML different lesson buttons are generated on the UI dynamically.

On click of these lesson buttons the questions and answers are displayed randomly.

The layout and css editor helps in modifying the layout and css of any organization.

There are report generation utilities of site, email and fundraising.

Mindfire has deep experience developing Flash and Action Script games, rich web user-interfaces and animation.

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