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Haru never expected to use his savings to become a member of a gay porn site, but after recognising the chest of his best friend and housemate masturbating on an amateur porn site, he didn't really feel like he had a choice.

How did the killer get easy access to the victim's living area without being observed? "Open Cam" is marginally worth watching, mostly as a technical study of low budget film-making, to see what works and what doesn't work.

Yet, even with all the plot holes, I still found the whodunit puzzle engaging enough to hold my attention.

American cinema has a long way to go: even movies of heightened physicality in straight films have little problem showing every detail of the female body yet either blur or out-of-focus shoot or drape male bodies as though there were some secret that MUST remain off camera.

Time to grow up - and where better to start than in films such as OPEN CAM. Grady Harp It's a whodunit wherein a serial killer stabs his victims on live web cam.

' OPEN CAM' could have been so much more than it is.

Writer/director Robert Gaston takes a few risks with this latest entry into the gay cinema foray, adding a story that avoids the usual topics that stereotype gay men.

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The HARC has been in existence since 1933 and has been called upon many times through those years to provide backup to emergency measures organizations and also to assist fundraising events, such as walkathons and runs, with their communications needs.

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