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He quickly got over his nervousness and delivered a speech “reminding everyone there about what we’re fighting for.” He has since gone around the national capital region and the surrounding areas, “delivering a message of continuity and change and reconciling people’s experiences with what the government is doing and will continue to do [if my father wins].” In our phone interview, Paolo discussed the country’s economic progress and infrastructure growth in the past six years.

Well-versed in current issues, he evaluated the traffic problem [based on statistics], the entire transportation system, and his father’s concrete plans to improve the situation.

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I’ve taken up Mandarin at Yale every semester and one summer since,” said Paolo.

Last year, however, he spent his summer at the London School of Economics.

Assigned to Montalban, Rizal, he attended three meetings a day, usually with housewives engaged in such livelihood ventures as sari-sari stores and livestock.

“They took risks, making investments with their loans,” he recalled. I found that worthwhile.” He moved on, as a tutor in English, to Messy Bessy, a social enterprise where at-risk youths worked while enrolled in the Alternative Learning System, an informal instructional program under the Department of Education.

Today, the Philippines is the call center capital of the world, with a target of 1.3 billion jobs for 2016.

Daily fortune Their most challenging sortie to date, by Paolo’s estimation, was the one in Sta. Mar had to speak before 2,000 people, and President Aquino was with the team.

PAOLO Gerardo Roxas had set the alarm clock so he could meet his father that day at the golf driving range. When Paolo got there, Mar was already pounding balls, and very quiet.

Suddenly, with unmistakable sharpness, the words tumbled out: “Paolo, you do not waste people’s time.” Any agreement to meet someone at a certain time should be honored, Mar added; being late was “disrespectful” and “unacceptable.” The anecdote reveals Mar as a stickler for propriety.

Once warmed up, they run for a longer stretch—all these done to music from Mar’s portable speakers.

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