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As the central list of web servers joining the Internet grew, and the World Wide Web became the interface of choice for accessing the Internet, the need for finding and organizing the distributed data files on FTP web servers grew.

Search engines began due to this need to more easily navigate the web servers and files on the Internet.

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With solid growth in 1996, Excite purchased Web Crawler and Magellan.

Toward the end of the 1990s, Excite partnered with MSN and Netscape providing search services.

Wandex’s technology was the first to crawl the web indexing and searching the catalog of indexed pages on the web.

Another significant development in search engines came in 1994 when Web Crawler’s search engine began indexing the full text of web sites instead of just web page titles.

While both web directories and search engines gained popularity in the 1990s, search engines developed a life of their own becoming the preferred method of Internet search.

For example, the major search engines found in use today originated in development between 19.Now, Excite offers search results through a metasearch tool combining results from pay-per-click and natural search tools. This directory provided an extensive listing of websites supported by a network of regional directories. started charging a fee for inclusion in its directory listing. ’s action helped control the number of sites listed and helped cover costs with additional revenue. used secondary search engine services to support its directory.Partnerships have included agreements with Inktomi and Google.In 1994, Brian Pinkerton, a Computer Science and Engineering student at the University of Washington, used his spare time to create Web Crawler.With Web Crawler, Brian generated a list of the Top 25 websites on March 15, 1994.Also as part of the deal, Info Space acquired rights to Web Crawler.

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