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Once a beautiful beach with a pool and changing rooms, the area was abandoned by the government and left littered with garbage as the island plunged into economic disaster.

“There were so many dogs running in packs, it was very overwhelming,” Beckles said. There were a slew of dogs missing their back right hind legs.

It’s the largest transport ever of dogs from Puerto Rico, according to Beckles, who has dubbed the transport Mission Possible 8.

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In New York City, the dogs will go to Animal Haven and the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons.

The Sato Project also will keep 31 dogs that will be adopted directly or go into its own foster network in New York. Beckles says the mission is in memory of her own dog, Boom Boom, an Australian shepherd and Jack Russell “sato” mix that Beckles adopted in 2008.

But once Beckles saw Dead Dog Beach, which is also known as Sato Beach, she couldn’t stop thinking about the poor creatures.

She returned to Puerto Rico to volunteer for groups like Hands for Paws and soon quit her lucrative job as a marketing executive to launch her own nonprofit, The Sato Project, in 2011 so she could dedicate herself to rescuing Puerto Rico’s abandoned dogs full-time.

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In Puerto Rico, residents often would run over dogs if they didn’t get out of a driver’s way fast enough, Beckles said.

Children who grew up watching their parents’ animal cruelty continued it. The Sato Project also teaches Puerto Rican residents about neutering their dogs, which is something that was shunned by the island’s “machismo” culture, she said.

Many of the abused dogs from the beach have been placed with families.

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