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15 years ago when we started Junior Magazine I had maybe 10 brands linked to adult fashion to deal with, Baby Dior, Burberry, Paul Smith, Oilily, Dries Van Noten and Moschino were the main ones, the rest of the market was old traditional Italian and French companies like Catamini and Absorba, I Pinco Pallino and Simonetta.Of course those brands are still going too and some have adapted better than others to the demand for more fashionable styles.I find the most inspiring trade shows for the variety and quality of exhibitors to be Pitti Bimbo and Playtime Paris.

This incredible non-profit builds lasting access to health for excluded communities, employing a human rights-based approach and working closely with community partners to improve local capacity and advance the inclusivity of health systems.

Health Right are active in some of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations around the world including torture and trafficking survivors, orphans and people living with HIV.

I do pick up the magazines at the trade fairs though and both Milk and Kidswear would be favourites, also Doolittle and Naif can have interesting shoots and articles.

Its nice that each country has a kids magazine that is a glossy designer led product.

I also always visit Illums in Copenhagen when I am there though really its for the home items but I do like to have a sneaky look at their clothing too.

We have two of the biggest kids e-stores in the UK with Alex and Alexa and Childrensalon both of which have a huge selection.I just loved the sound of it but afterwards I realised that a Smudger is an old fashioned name for a photographer dating from the time when newspapers were printed with inks that came off on your hands which made it seem more relevant.There has been a huge expansion of adult brands into the market.Excluded populations – including street youth, minorities of all types, drug users, sex workers, and more – bear a disproportionately large burden of ill health and human rights violations in virtually every society around the world.Stigma, misguided laws, and myopic institutions perpetuate a vicious cycle of disease, discrimination and violence that ensnares these communities.The other difference is the expansion of small little companies started by mostly new parents who either have a background in the industry in adult lines or just love fashion and when their children arrived felt they could do better than the offering they saw in the shops.

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