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One click and you're set for a new role-playing adventure.We make sure there's something for everyone to enjoy, from dragon slaying to farm building to other quirkier challenges.Then click the Play Now button to start your RPG journey. The best things in life often come with an expensive price tag. Just ask gamers who have discovered the world of free online RPG. No terrible disclaimer that will come back to haunt you.

Many of them even have beginner guides that help you get started.

If this is your first time trying out an online RPG, you'll be in for a treat.

You will meet friends and build up a steady list of virtual pals (or rivals) to play and compete with.

This makes the online RPG experience a bit more interactive and engaging. Instead, your character is part of a community that's progressing deeper into the game.

There's a lot of dialogue and narration involved, but that's only there for added immersion.

Part of what makes online RPG games so engrossing is how you eventually get attached to your character and the world.You will also be able to customize your character's race, class, equipment, powers, and even story choices.Where an online RPG differs from a console RPG is the increased role of socializing.Browse through our game pages to see how each game looks like.If you like what you see, go read our summaries, sneak peeks and full reviews.Plus be prepared for hours and hours of online fun as you build and nurture your very own created character.

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