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All i can find on this is that it could be a permissions problem but I am not sure and don't know how to fix this if that is what the problem is.

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Plex library not updating

So the plex server is working, I have added two movies and can play them.

The metadata for the movies in my library will not update.

There are several ways you can automate library updates, and you’ll find all of them in a single menu within the settings of your Plex Media Server.

Click on the Settings tool icon in the upper right corner of the Plex web interface.

Plex Media Server offers three ways to keep your media collection up to date so you always know what’s available.

There are three components to the Plex Media Server experience.

This option works for both local files and files located on a network share (that is, a computer other than the one Plex Media Server is installed on), since it manually scans the entire directory structure at the frequency you specify.

You can specify the update frequency in increments as low as every 15 minutes all the way up to once a day.

If you’re away on a business trip, for example, trying to catch up on your favorite shows, but Plex Media Server hasn’t updated to include the latest episodes, you’re out of luck.

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