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When investigators examined his workstation, they found a cache of hacker tools.

Academic institutions on all levels have some of the least secure systems on the planet, but does that absolve students like Triou from knowing right from wrong?

Authorities say he used a keystroke logger to capture his fellow students' passwords.

With unfettered network access, he allegedly deleted scores of student project folders.

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Looks like we need something like that in our elementary schools, too.

Hacker tools and a wealth of step-by-step instructions are waiting for kids on the Internet.

The degree of hacking sophistication varies wildly, but the pervasiveness of the problem is increasing exponentially. Triou, a 17-year-old junior at Marion High School in a school district near Rochester, N. Though quiet, he is described as a technically talented student who worked closely with teachers building Web pages for classes and the school.

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