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The lagged Fibonacci generators are very fast even on processors without advanced arithmetic instruction sets, at the expense of greater state storage and sometimes less desirable spectral characteristics.

The Mersenne twister is slower and has greater state storage requirements but with the right parameters has the longest non-repeating sequence with the most desirable spectral characteristics (for a given definition of desirable).

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Mix and match these principles to create your own tailored solution.

All this is explained in Jürgen Doornik's excellent paper Conversion of High-Period Random Numbers to Floating Point.

If you want a number in [0, 1] rather than [0, 1) just make line 4 read @Julio: Not only that, it does not even produce a uniform distribution even if the numbers are in 0-1 range.

In fact the distribution should be quite anything but uniform.

That algorithm gives only RAND_MAX evenly spaced choice of return values; this one gives RANDMAX^6, so its distribution is limited only by the precision of double.

If you want a long double just add a few iterations.

, and will work for any generator emitting values with sufficient significant bits.

Most 64 bit generators take advantage of their full width, so this can likely be used without modification (shift adjustment). this works as-is with the // C rand generates random numbers between 0 and RAND_MAX.

Also, none of them passes standard tests for PRNGs like Test U01, except for the ranlux generators if used with a generous luxury factor.

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