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While I am not in the favor of installing stealth apps and not letting your kids know whether you are monitoring them, I do have a favorite on this list.

m Spy tops my list with an all-inclusive set of features to help me protect my kids’ best interests online, and I absolutely love it.

Some parents consider this app a little too invasive for their liking.

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Screen Time asks me to approve every app my kid attempts to install, and it can only be installed after my nod of approval.

This app has this feature where in addition to me, my husband and the babysitter can also have access to my kids’ phone in my absence.

For example, I can put a time limit on my kids’ Instagram usage by allowing them to view it for 45 minutes on weekends only.

Although there is no geofencing option in this app, parents receive an alert every time their kids’ location changes.

Rest, it has the similar website blocking, geofencing, and time limiting features as other parental control apps.

The only con I found with this app was that I had to buy different features separately, which makes it a bit more expensive than other apps available on the market.

What’s more, the kids can’t uninstall this app because it requires the password that only the grownups know.

the Mobi Cip app is not only trusted by parents and guardians, but schools from all around the world swear by it as well.

You can start by making an account, and you can manage multiple kids from that one account.

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