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I have authored essays in several books and my writing has appeared in places live CT Women, Relevant, and Ruminate.

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It was with these thoughts of needing to grow in hospitality that I approached Christine Pohl’s room I had to grow than I thought.

The whole book is based on the premise that hospitality has always been a part of the Christian tradition and we have lost the moral dimension and imperative to practice hospitality as a way of life, hence the need to recover the tradition.

Though my family’s roots run deep in the soil of the Southern United States I, along with my husband and our two little ones, am learning to love hot milk tea instead of sweet iced tea as we make our home in South Asia.

I hope to help others create space to hear God’s voice in all the noise of life as I write about faith from a global perspective at A Voice in the Noise .

I expected a lot of the focus of hospitality to be on those in the margins, but what I didn’t expect was the challenge of moving past serving people to being present with people.

So much of our modern ideas of care have to do with charity and physical assistance, like our service in the local refugee community.

How can we become individuals and communities who are known for our love and welcome?

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