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Some borrowers want to refinance their loan to get a lower interest rate than they have with their original loan.

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Private student loans can also come in handy for unexpected educational costs that aren’t covered by a federal loan.

When you graduate or leave school, your student loan will go into repayment and you will need to assess whether or not your loan is really the best deal out there.

If the cosigner has good credit and meets other requirements, the borrower may be approved for the loan.

Once approved for a loan, the borrower is notified of their interest rate (both variable and fixed) and repayment length.

This will show up as an inquiry on a credit report which can impact a credit score.

Too many inquiries over a long period of time can lower a credit score, so you need to be certain you want to pursue refinancing and/or consolidating your student loan before completing the application process.

Most of the best places to refinance or consolidate student loan debt will work with borrowers to consolidate or refinance both federal and private loans into one convenient new loan.

For borrowers with both types of loans, combining them into one simple loan through consolidation can be a big convenience.

Borrowers should look for lenders that do not assess prepayment penalties.

Lenders who charge for their services should be scrutinized closely.

The best banks to refinance and consolidate student loans look at a borrower’s creditworthiness when determining whether or not to approve them for a new loan.

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