Riftpatch needs updating loop

I purchased a new Play3 today for my wife's office. The first thing it displayed was a message: "Some of your Sonos products need to be updated" Of course, we hit the "Update Sonos" button. So we hit the "Done" button (the only option available). It has a controller app from another company (Hey, why won't you create a Win Phone version of your software, Sonos??? The app found the Play3 just fine and I was able to play any content.

We connected it to our system by walking through the steps her Mac Controller software told her to do. Immediately we are back to the "Some of your Sonos products need to be updated" screen.

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LV 50 12 dungeons, LV 60 9 Dungeons, LV 65 7 Dungeons, LV 70 4 Dungeons. Why not make all dungeons from classic to now scale for each level.

This would keep us from being bored with the 4 dungeons with a 25% chance of getting another one which seems to not have more than 25% chance.

The most common error in updating a Loop app is to use a different MAIN_APP_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER than you used in your original Loop build.

If you use a different MAIN_APP_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER, your i Phone will have a brand new second Loop app and none of the settings from the original Loop app will carry over.

Special note about upgrading to Loop v1.5 for existing Loopers If you are an existing Looper encountering this error message below while trying to update to Loop v1.5, please open your Terminal app found in the Applications.

After those two steps, you can close out Terminal app, return to Xcode and press the build/play button again. Assuming it was a bug, we quite the Sonos app and reran it. Okay, so we hit the update button and it, again, scanned for updates. After hitting the "Done" button we had the same problem (Play3 had double red arrow icon). If you store your Loop code a different folder than Downloads (such as your Documents folder or Desktop), make sure the specified folder is not an i Cloud drive. If your System Preferences for i Cloud is set as shown below, your Documents and Desktop folders are i Cloud drives and NOT appropriate places to save your Loop download.Storing your Loop code in an i Cloud drive folder will prevent Loop from building successfully. Depending on your browser and settings, your Loop download may or may not automatically unzip.So if you hear of "new features in dev", these are things that may be eventually merged into the master branch once any bugs are worked out.

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