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If you bought a Ruger Mark IV pistol before June 1, 2017, listen up: Ruger announced yesterday that all Mark IV pistols, including the 22/45 models, manufactured before that date “have the potential to discharge unintentionally if the safety is not utilized correctly” and are being recalled for a retrofit including a new safety and sear.

The company says that if the trigger on some Mark IV pistols is pulled while the safety lever is midway between the “safe” and “Fire” positions, meaning it’s not fully engaged in either position, the pistol may or may not fire when the trigger is pulled. You flick off the safety on the Mark IV, but it's not moved completely to the firing position. When the gun doesn’t go off, you look at the safety and see it’s not all the way over.

That proposal was never implemented; instead, a new model was planned.

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We will make every effort to return your grip frame assembly within one week of receipt.

Sending it now will not get it back to you any sooner; it will only mean that we have it longer.” Once you submit your info, the website tells you that Ruger will return your grip frame assembly with a free Mark IV magazine as a “thank you for your participation.” Customers in states with magazine restrictions will receive a Shop Ruger gift certificate instead.

Their first thought was to offer a type of “conversion unit” in the form of a barreled receiver with a heavy, tapered barrel and target sights.

This unit would interchange with the fixed-sight, barreled receiver with 4¾" barrel, standard on the Ruger pistol.

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., was formed in January 1949, and production was soon underway for the fledgling company’s sole product, a .22-cal. By the summer of that year, Ruger was turning out 900 pistols per month.

The first shipment of Ruger .22 pistols was on Oct. By year’s end, 1,138 pistols had been shipped, and Ruger had a backlog of 5,000 unfilled orders by February 1950.Ruger hired him in 1949 as operations began at the Southport, Conn., factory.Boudreau had been a successful target pistol shooter since 1932.If you are a Mark IV owner, go here to use the serial number on your pistol to see if it falls in the recall window.The affected serial numbers begin with “401” for 2017 models or “WBR” for 2016 models.DO NOT ship Ruger your grip frame until they ask for it.

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