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Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations.If you're not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started.Name Property returns the name of a Pivot Table object Pivot Table Print Settings To save the Pivot Cache data while saving the workbook Create a new Pivot Table, each on a new worksheet, for each item of a Page field Return the data source of a Pivot Table report Include hidden page field items in subtotals and totals Pivot Table versions & Excel version ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pivot Table. Field1 (Field2, ...) is a column or row field name and Item1 (Item2, ...) is the item name in that particular field. "Country") which is the Parent of the Pivot Item (ie.

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Excel Pivot Tables Grouping: Group Items, Group Data and Group Date Values, using VBA 9.

Excel Pivot Tables: Sort Fields, Values & Dates, use Custom Lists, with VBA 10.

Excel Pivot Tables: Insert Calculated Fields & Calculated Items, Create Formulas using VBA 13.

Create & Customize Excel Pivot Table Charts, using VBA Get data from a Pivot Table using VBA code Disable or Enable Drill Down of Pivot Table Fields Display the Pivot Table Field List Sort Fields in Ascending order in the Pivot Table Field List Return the Parent object of a Pivot Table object Allow Pivot Table Update only Manually Pivot Table.

Excel Pivot Table: Get data from a Pivot Table, Drill Down of Pivot Table Fields, Display & Sort the Pivot Table Field List, Return the Parent object, Manual Update, Name of a Pivot Table object, Print Settings, Save the Pivot Cache data, create a new Pivot Table for each Page field item, return the Data Source, include hidden page field items in totals, Pivot Table versions. Reference Pivot Fields and Pivot Items in an Excel Pivot Table, using VBA 4.

Referencing an Excel Pivot Table Range using VBA 3. The False setting uses print titles from the worksheet. Code to print titles from the Pivot Table: Sub Pivot Table Print1() Dim Pvt Tbl As Pivot Table Set Pvt Tbl = Worksheets("Sheet1").

In Excel versions prior to Excel 2007, you can have fully interactive Pivot Table version numbers 0 to 2 (ie.

False setting will not repeat the labels while printing. Code to repeat items on each printed page: Worksheets("Sheet1"). You can create a Pivot Table with a specific version in Excel 2007 by using the Pivot Caches. In Excel 2007, you can have fully interactive Pivot Tables versions 0 to 3.

Excel Pivot Tables: Filter Data, Items, Values & Dates using VBA 11. Manual Update Property: Default value of Manual Update property is False wherein a Pivot Table is recalculated automatically on each change.

Excel Pivot Tables: Summary Functions, Custom Calculations & Value Field Settings, using VBA 12. Set value to True to disallow automatic update in which case the Pivot Table can be updated only manually by the user. Refer Image 2a for Pivot Table display before running code.

Print Drill Indicators Property: If you have chosen to show expand/collapse buttons in your Pivot Table, then you can also print these buttons by setting the property to True. In the False setting the cached data does not get saved while saving the workbook. Show Pages Method creates a new Pivot Table, each on a new worksheet, for each item of a Page field. Subtotal Hidden Page Items Property: Set to True to include hidden page field items in subtotals and totals. Note: If "Subtotal filtered page items" is greyed out in the Pivot Table Options dialog box, then this will give an "invalid procedure call or argument" error.

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