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Fergus first appears on record in 1136, when he witnessed a charter of David I, King of Scotland.There is considerable evidence indicating that Fergus was married to a bastard daughter of Henry I, King of England.Both Fergus and his grandson appear to have overseen military operations in Ireland, before the latter was overthrown by Somairle mac Gilla Brigte, Lord of Argyll.

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If so, the union could have been orchestrated as a means to not only compensate for Ranulf's removal, but to counter the dramatic rise of David and the resultant imbalance of power his ascent created.

In fact, it is possible that it was in the wake of Ranulf's removal that Robert de Brus originally received the lordship of Annandale.

Such birth dates suggest that Fergus' marriage dates to a period when the English Crown consolidated authority in the north-west and extended its influence into the Irish Sea.

From the perspective of the English, an alliance between Henry I and Fergus would have secured an understanding with the man who controlled an important part of the north western flank of the Anglo-Norman realm.

The name of the knight's father in this source is a form of the name borne by Fergus' neighbouring contemporary Somairle mac Gilla Brigte, Lord of Argyll (died 1164), and could be evidence that Fergus' father bore the same name.

Traditionally, the Gallovidians appear to have looked towards the Isles instead of Scotland, and the core of his family's lands seems to have centred in valley of the river Dee and the coastal area around Whithorn, regions of substantial Scandinavian settlement.

In 1120, Henry I's only legitimate son died along with Richard d'Avranches, Earl of Chester (died 1120) in the White Ship disaster.

The latter's lordship in the Welsh March was a critical region of Henry I's realm, and the English king responded by transplanting Ranulf le Meschin (died 1129) from his lordship of Carlisle to Richard d'Avranches' former lordship along the Welsh frontier.

This restoration of the Crovan dynasty appears to have formed part of the English Crown's extension of influence into the Irish Sea region.

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