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I swear I could hear the lake of water sloshing around inside me.

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He explained it actually takes some time for Kidney stones to develop, and as I’d only been on the drugs for 2 weeks it was unlikely.“Oh god you don’t understand” I screamed “You don’t know about this drug and it’s power and do you have any idea how guilty you’re going to feel when I die and you just stood by and did nothing and do you know how irritating you are?!

”In the end it turned out Dad was right, I was not dying of Kidney stones. I tried sucking throat sweets, wet flannels, no matter how much water I drank nothing helped.

As you can see from my Tried & Tested page I have tried almost every preventative, without much success, but tomorrow I start a series of injections on my cervical spine (i.e. There is a drug that could make me skinny and possibly help with my migraines and my bastard Doctors have been keeping it from me for 13 years!!!

neck) that will, most likely, provoke yet more migraines. The top choice: Topamax (Topiramate), an anticonvulsant, epileptic medication used with relative success for some migraines. It took every ounce of will power I possess not to reply: Instead, I took a deep breath, stroked my chin and said, “Interesting, interesting, do continue.” But I wasn’t listening, all I could think about was being skinny and migraine free (notice how it had now become a cure?

So welcome to the world of trying out preventative medications. I do realize that of all the listed side effects, I was pretty lucky.

I also realize that selling drugs on e Bay is highly illegal and dangerous. As a family we decided it would be best for everyone’s personal safety not to up my dose until the rage and thirst had calmed down, which they did.

I experienced slight pins and needles, felt a bit spaced out and sleepy but nothing major. I am talking, Jesus of Nazareth in the desert for 40 days and nights with no water type thirst; dry raging throat, unquenchable thirst (it’s very handy that it’s Lent right now.)When the raging thirst first hit, on a Sunday when these things always seem to happen to me, I obviously thought I was dying of Kidney stones (a listed Topamax side effect which I have subsequently learnt off by heart).

I ran to Mum and, between lapping up water like a dog from the two jugs of water I was holding, said:“There’s no time to waste explaining but” “I read about this girl on an internet hate site also on Topamax who was rushed to ER with Kidney stones so let’s save time and call the Ambulance now before my Kidneys kill me! Obviously he’s had Kidney stones, having had every medical ailment known to man.

“That soy ice cream cost seven pounds, it’s the most expensive ice cream in London.

Tesco Express are not selling ice-lollies at the moment, they won’t stock Calippos until it’s spring so you’ll just have to make do.”Obviously, this didn’t happen. How was I ever going to be able to leave the house again?

I know even Vitamin C has a long list of side effects, and I’ve been on nearly every other migraine preventative available, but Topamax has a list of side effects as long as a loo roll!

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