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Last know address was Houston, Harris County, Texas. Daniels Mother is Rosalynn Alexandra Samson her maiden name was Calder and she may also be know by the surname Fraser she was born in May 1969, she too was last know to be living in the Cumbernauld area with her Husband Robert Samson who was born in 1959, if you know where Daniel is and how he maybe contacted your help would be greatly appreciated Message Number: 11137 / Date Posted: 24/12/2006 SAMUELS, ERROL from UNKNOWN is being searched for by CETA BURNETTE from WILLESDEN greetings errolif by chance you get this message i would like to hear from youblessing ceta Message Number: 2185 / Date Posted: 18/03/2004 SAMUELS, SHAUN ROBERT from WALWORTH, LONDON is being searched for by ANTHONY JAMES ALAN ELLIOTT from UNKNOWN shaun samuels if you have internet access and you see this message please get in touch its tony ,debbies brother im now living in Manchester I here your now living in wales and have now settled down again with kids would be nice to hear from you or see you again.

The family have not heard from him in about 20 years. She would be 27 years and 5 months old now and Ive been looking for her for so many years.

He left New Zealand (unknown when) to Australia where he married Joan (second marriage). May of been adopted in Aylesbury but not sure please if you have any information please can you contact me on thank you so much.

Message Number: 1477 / Date Posted: 27/11/2003 SANDERSON, JASON from SCOTLAND is being searched for by AMANDA KING from UNKNOWN i am lookin for my adopted brother he is 24 and i am eighteen he doesnt know of me because my mum gave him up before she had me. Message Number: 48703 / Date Posted: 17/08/2016 SANSIVIERO , MARIA LYNNE from UNKNOWN is being searched for by CHRISTINA SANSIVIERO from IPSWICH Hi Im looking for my sister born Maria Lynne Sansiviero on the in ipswich.

the last i knew he was living in scotland and our mothers name is caroline, so if anybody has any information could you please get in touch because i would love to meet him xx Message Number: 15689 / Date Posted: 10/02/2009 SANGSTER, KENNETH (KEN) from UNKNOWN is being searched for by TRACEY MILLER from AUCKLAND Im looking for Kenneth Sangster for my mother-in-law, this is her father. She was adopted due to private reasons so last name would of changed but her first and middle name remained the same as far as we know.

Sheila I believe is now living in Burnham on Sea in Somerset. Message Number: 54301 / Date Posted: 24/06/2017 SAGE, JONES from UNKNOWN is being searched for by JOY SAGE from KAMPALA MY FATHER WENT TO ENGLAND FOR STUDIES AND WHILE THERE, HE GOT INVOLVED IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A WHITE LADY. we were born in swindon our mum is doreen lawford now doreen price m desprate to find you your loving sister victoria Message Number: 48613 / Date Posted: 14/07/2016 SALAKO , OLANREWAJU ABDULLAMID from UNKNOWN is being searched for by OLANREWAJU OMOLADE from LAGOS I seek to find a missing uncle that was taking away at 10yrs from Ghana by his father who is a lawyer by name Salako.

Please contact me if you have any details for Sheila Sadler Message Number: 26044 / Date Posted: 04/06/2014 SADLER (NEE NEATH), SHEILA from UNKNOWN is being searched for by SIMON FARMER from LONDON I am looking for Sheila Sadler (nee Neath) born in 1936 in or around Halesownen/Cradley Heath in was is now the West Midlands. Other family members seek to find him most especially his elder sister belau Charity Quist.

Message Number: 15426 / Date Posted: 25/12/2008 SANDAL? i have never seen this man and would like to get to know him as i am expecting his grandchild.

please get in contact if you know him Message Number: 13466 / Date Posted: 20/11/2007 SANDER, TESSA MAY from UNKNOWN is being searched for by WAYNE LAUBSCHER from JOHANNESBURG Hi, I am looking for Tessa May Sander, born 4 January 1966 in South Africa.

Sheila I believe is now living in Burnham on Sea in Somerset. I am the daughter of belau I live in Nigeria.please help out.

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