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(respectively)The pecan–nut casebearer is one of the most important early-season pests of pecan.

The larvae overwinter in hiding spots in pecan trees and emerge to continue feeding in early spring on buds and stems.

Nut casebearer populations may vary widely from year to year and from location to location.

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The galls can be large, up to a half-inch in diameter.

Phylloxera is a yearly pest that is often the first of the season, with the most critical period for treatment in April (5,7).

Recently a sex pheromone (attractant) produced by the female nut casebearer was identified, synthesized, and tested for its attraction to males with excellent results.

Baited traps can be placed in the orchard to monitor nut casebearer populations.

Other cultivars with less resistance are grown for nut shape and taste (e.g., 'Desirable').

Pecan trees are picked once a season, during a harvest period that extends from early October until late November.

'Sumner' is a recommended cultivar because it has a good combination of yield, nut quality and disease resistance (6).

Some early-maturing varieties with less optimal disease resistance (e.g., 'Pawnee') are grown to capture the most lucrative part of the nut harvest, at the beginning of fall.

During initial set, pecan trees are trained so that no limbs are lower than five feet.

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