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President Trump’s lawyer on Wednesday fanned an already-incendiary racial debate by forwarding an email advocating protection of some Confederate monuments and claiming that the protest group Black Lives Matter had been infiltrated by terrorists.

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Dowd’s forwarding of the email will probably stoke concerns among some presidential advisers that the administration is endorsing a position offensive to many Americans.

Trump fueled concerns by saying that some liberal, “alt-left” protesters marching through the college town Saturday were also “very, very violent.” “This week it’s Robert E. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down,” Trump said about the statues of two Confederate generals that have been the subject of controversy.

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Trump’s comments – and his reluctance to back off from those statements – have led to a political backlash.

The contents of the email, and the fact that Dowd shared it with government officials, conservative journalists and others, was first reported by the New York Times.

In the email Dowd forwarded, the author agreed with Trump’s summary.

“You cannot be against General Lee and be for General Washington,” the email read, “there literally is no difference between the two men.” It compared the two to Napoleon and Alexander the Great.

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