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Clearly, her oldest son felt a bit weird about the talk even though he claimed he didn’t know what sex was.“Our older boys had talked about ‘sexy lady’ the week before and so Doug and I knew that we needed to have a conversation with them about sex.

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She felt that it was the right time to have the conversation because her sons had talked about “sexy lady” just a few days prior to that.

Lydia and Doug weren’t sure if they really knew what they were talking about, so they thought it would be best to have a discussion with her kids about it all.

Kim met his wife earlier in his county career, when they both worked as accountants.

In Santa Ana, former City Manager David Cavazos started dating a city employee in 2014, and didn’t inform the City Council until a year later.

Tanizaki hasn’t publicly responded to the allegation, but the DA’s office has said Hunter’s overall legal claim contains unspecified “falsehoods and inaccuracies.”Aside from conflicts when it comes to promotions, such relationships can create other problems beyond promotions, according to ethics experts.

They are often viewed with suspicion by other employees, and can even open the door to lawsuits.“In general we will always err on the side of caution and good workplace policy, where we would not want to have any question” of a conflict of interest for people who work for the city, said Anaheim spokesman Mike Lyster.“Here at the Personnel Department, were a manager and direct subordinate to become romantically involved, the Department, upon learning of the situation, would remove the subordinate from the Manager’s direct supervision by transferring them to another division,” said Bruce Whidden, the department’s spokesman, in an email. Officials there decide on a case-by-case basis how to handle relationships between managers and subordinates, according to Epifanio Peinado, the chief deputy director of human resources.

Bustmante was also a Santa Ana city councilman at the time of the alleged county assaults, and thus partially in charge of the city’s employee policies.

The county was embroiled in another sex-related controversy 20 years ago, when the Sheriff’s Department’s second-in-command was accused of sexually harassing female employees, including groping and propositioning them.

When kids become teens, it becomes even more difficult.

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