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But again, they said they’d re-look at their processes.I put it to them that the boy in this case clearly sounded – by his voice and his hesitancy over the year he was born – under 18. As it turns out, Social Network is not the only such company to be operating out of the small town of Uvongo on KZN’s south coast.

FAULT LINE: Even if there was a binding contract, a legal defence could be the poor disclosure of the cost of the service, which contravened the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act and the fact that it could be considered to be unconscionable conduct' in terms of the CPA.

Boys will be boys, so the saying goes, and it seems that for some teenage boys that means seeing an advert for a sex chat line – in a newspaper or online – and deciding to make that call.

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), porno filmy (ostre pornusy: sex analny, oralny, grupowy ! So the upshot is that in order to pay that “naughty special” of R100 for the service, the caller has to be sharp enough to call back and get the banking details, and then pay up within three days.If not, they – or their parents, in the case of a minor – are traced and hit with a fat bill.They assume, naively, that the only cost will be that of a cellphone or landline call, but a week or two later their parents get a bill reflecting that the dirty talk came at a cost of around R1.65 a SECOND, for a minimum of 10 minutes.And then comes the harassment to pay up, followed by threats to charge the boy with fraud – for lying about being over-18 at the start of the call – and to play the recording of the conversation in court, and to seek a civil judgment against the parent for non-payment of the debt.At R1.65 a second, it’s at least R1 000 when a tracing fee is added.

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