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The university student in the “Tinder rape” case got into a stranger’s car and went for a drive into the Dublin Mountains.

Tinder can be a great place to meet people, to flirt harmlessly and even to find a life partner.

The National Police Chiefs' Council of England, Wales and Northern Ireland have stated that young people engaging in sexting should be treated as victims in the first instance and not face prosecution as first time offenders, but the situation will be investigated to ensure the young people involved are not at risk.

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Sextexting sites

She described herself as “horny” and told him that “kissing was one of her biggest turn-ons.” These may be mild messages in sexting terms, but it’s hard to imagine people saying that kind of thing to each other on a first date in a bar or restaurant.

So what is it about social media that leads some people to let their guard down and trust another person so fully and so quickly?

But you’re still dealing with a stranger, and caution is advisable.

Noeline Blackwell, chief executive of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, says more people are making contact with individuals via social media and suffering sexual violence as a result.

This creates an illusion of a closer relationship.” In both these cases online exchanges were followed by meetings in private settings.

Blount travelled to a hotel room to meet a stranger she had befriended online.

The term ‘sexting’ describes the use of technology to share intimate images of yourself. The content can vary, from text messages to images of partial nudity to sexual images or videos.

Sexting often happens when a young person’s judgment has been clouded, e.g by pressure from someone else, or from the use of alcohol or drugs.

Repeat offenders and more extreme cases are reviewed differently, still with a focus on avoiding prosecution unless absolutely necessary.

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