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Sooner or later one of the girls would reach an involuntary orgasm.The fear arousal, the adrenalin and the pure excitement make it hard for most girls not to cum after a few minutes of stimulation.To make the shows more appealing only good looking girls were executed live on TV.

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The people in charge of organizing those events are fully aware of their position and the power they have over the convicted girls.

They are the ones who decide whether a girl will be tortured to death using tools like torches, acid, power drills, buzz saws or if a girl is admitted to one of the less painful games like this one.

Only the girl who managed to orgasm second would survive this perverted event.

This way the girls were highly motivated to be ready to cum at any point but at the same time they had to maintain the self control to be not the unlucky girl to reach her orgasm first.

It’s fair to assume that the girls who made it to this game must have used every „audition skill“ a perverted producer of those snuff shows might have on his wish list.

After today’s 3 naked „contestants“ entered the stage the rules of the game were explained to them and to the audience.

At first I just touched a little and then I pulled back the sheath over his cock when I did it almost sprang out.

I lightly wrapped my hand around it and he started thrusting and it caught me off guard and I pulled away.

This kept the „contestants“ motivated until the very last minute of the game.

Today the organizers had chosen 3 truly breathtaking beautiful girls which considered themselves lucky because the alternative to this game would be one of the really cruel torture and slaughter games which were organized to appeal to the many splatter fans among the audience. It’s rumored that the „casting couch“ for this relatively humane execution game is very demanding in itself.

The twist of the game was, that it had only one winner, but two losers.

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