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Others like Little Red Bunny make most of their money selling private, one on one, sessions.

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While her interest in privacy is partially for her own safety—cams like porn can attract disturbing customers—she admits she benefits, too, from the mysteries about her identity. “People are always trying to guess my accent so I never say.”Growing up, Little Red Bunny says, she was always interested in sexuality. Before she went to the awards shows she never spoke to anyone about her work. I never had a conversation to share what I am going through.

When you spend hundreds of hours online competing for attention any detail that compels interest is hard to surrender “You aren’t going to write I have a French accent? “But I never had any background in porn or stripping or any of that.” She got her start five years ago after she lost a straight job and was looking for something different. It is always in my own bubble.”Meanwhile, on another site, you can watch a young lady who calls herself Aella downing a half dozen shots before getting naked to strap on an accordion.

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”XBIZ’s Miller sees the profile of cams and cam girls only growing going forward.

“The girls are only going to get more creative in their engagement as the culture emerges. There is room for more growth as the technology improves and the major players become more branded.

Everything about what she does on cam is self-taught.“I knew ballet and yoga. She then accompanies herself in a jig that falls somewhere between XXX and Buster Keaton while explicating her objections to feminist theory.

The 22-year-old recently moved into a house in Seattle with a few other cam girls.

Frequently her roommates will make cameos on her cam offering some of the appeal of reality television.“In the past couple of years cam girls have begun to have a huge impact on the adult entertainment space,” says, Dan Miller, executive managing editor of XBIZ, another adult industry trade publication.

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