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On Halloween in 1977 (specifically, the October 29, 1977, SNL episode), a neighbor complains about the Coneheads' choice of trick-or-treat handouts: six-packs and fried eggs.The Coneheads have a very fast, nasal, monotone speech and humorously strange language patterns, using needlessly technical dialogue.The following is a partial list of Saturday Night Live commercial parodies.

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" They drink entire six packs of beer at once, and smoke whole packs of cigarettes at a time.

They also consume foods that are inedible to humans, including cleaning fluid, pencil shavings and insulation.

" and they all end up sitting at a table outside a French bistro, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

The Coneheads are the fourth SNL sketch to appear in State Farm commercials, following the Richmeister, the Super Fans, and Hans and Franz.

Dan Aykroyd said he developed the idea for the Coneheads based on the Moai, the mysterious and ancient stone statues of Easter Island, which have similarly conical heads, and the people of the land of Points from Harry Nilsson's fable The Point! Dan Aykroyd also mentioned in an interview that he drew inspiration from the film This Island Earth where the very tall foreheads of the aliens go largely unnoticed by humans.

The conehead costume is highly reminiscent of the "clown blanc" costume used in French circuses for more than a century.

This nickname was coined by assistant coach Craig Patrick, in reference to their chemistry on ice, and favoured by the Coach Brooks.

Together with Team USA, they gained world fame for beating the USSR and winning the gold medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Frank Zappa wrote a song based on the sketches, titled "Conehead". When he hosted SNL, Zappa also appeared in a Coneheads sketch as a man dating Connie, where he makes note that he prefers French women.

and a live-action film, Coneheads, in 1993, with Aykroyd and Curtin reprising their roles in both.

It is unclear if "Conehead" is the name of their race or just their surname, but in their interactions with humans, it is used in the latter sense.

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