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One of China’s oldest cities, Ningbo is considered to be the birthplace of the neolithic Hemudu Culture, which dates back more than 7,000 years.

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Original and new buildings stand alongside each other, and the area remains a hub of activity during the evening.

Unlike Shanghai’s Bund, which is always busy with people and traffic, the relative quietness allows restaurants to stretch to the water’s edge.

A typical Chinese-style home, at the entrance to the lane is the site where the Yutai Salt Shop was originally situated.

This stone shop was built in 1871 by Chiang’s grandfather, and along with being Chiang’s inheritance was also his actual place of birth.

In the middle of the Zhejiang countryside is the Xuedou Temple complex.

No trip to Ningbo would be complete without a trip here.Book into one of their five freestanding villas for the ultimate escape, then spend your day lounging by the Pavilion or Lakeside pools. Catch a The Inter Continental lies on the Yongxin River, with rooms offering guests a view of the river or its scenic gardens.Peace and serenity are found in the 15,000 square meter outdoor garden with European-style landscaping, winding paths and all-around beautiful views.Today, the Ningbo Free Trade Zone is one of 15 free trade zones in China, and the only one in Zhejiang.With a name that translates as ‘serene waves' and a coastline that spans nearly 1,600 kilometers, the city’s dependence on water cannot be underestimated.Many have been lost over the years, but citizens are now committed to the protection and expansion of this historic site.

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