Speed dating osaka

If people particularly enjoyed the meal, you might all head out for karaoke after, but that's about it.

If you're looking for an experience that's a little more elaborate, you can look into machi-kon (街コン), where machi means "city" or "town." These may even be organized by regional committees to get people engaged in the local community.

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Despite all the mystery, gokon are actually little more than group blind (or semi-blind) dates.

There isn't any kind of gokon association or Facebook page you sign up for, or even a fee for participating; it’s just a group date that a friend or mutual acquaintance might happen to put together.

They have a hard time reading the other person, they're very direct, and are often perceived as annoying.

On a first date, for example, they're capable of talking about marriage." Nomi Wenkert, a sex education counselor who works with people with disabilities and oversaw the planning of the event, said it is important to provide a social setting geared toward the needs of people with certain disabilities because in a standard setting, seemingly simple things like the rules of conversation can be difficult for them to grasp.

In a machi-kon, you'll typically start by choosing a drinking buddy of the same gender, and then head through various drinking and dining spots in a prescribed area.

The goal in this case is to meet as many people as possible—though the sheer number of people means you probably won't remember anyone's faces. Gokon are just slightly more organized versions of a night out at the pub.

Sometimes people will initiate simple trivia or drinking-style games, but it's not a prerequisite.

You’ll share contact details at the end, and if you liked someone, you’ll typically contact them the next day and pick things up from there.

The program, which has since had a second speed-dating event, was the brainchild of organizers Rinat Steiff and Adar Pilo, rehabilitation specialists.

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